learning to love yourself

Foto: World of wanderlust

No one else can love you before you first learn to love yourself.

Why? Because until you love yourself – imperfections and all – you will not be your truest version of yourself and thus getting into a relationship pretending to be a certain version of yourself — which is a recipe for disaster.

So instead of looking outwards for love, look inwards. Ignore what’s going on around you – whether your friends are happily in a relationship and it seems you’re the only one who is still single… whether people ask the dreaded ‘why are you still single?’…and disregard your conscious telling you that you need to ‘find someone’. Because it shouldn’t be about finding someone, it should be about finding yourself, first. The rest comes a by-product of your own happiness and when it arrives, it will be worth the wait.

Real love is…

Everywhere. In the feelings you have toward a place you love visiting, in a type of food you love eating, in a film you love watching, in a moment, in a personal joke only you find funny… love is everywhere. Keep your eyes, mind, and heart open and you will find love – just not where you’re expecting to find it.

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