My heart is not a home for you

La Douleur Exquise

“I wish the little things that you did, didn’t hurt me.
I’m perfectly okay without you. 
But I can’t ignore this ghost feeling inside of my heart that longs for you.
It’s so conflicting to feel nothing but everything at once when it comes to you.
I forget about you when i get lost in my mind or when I’m thinking of other things. 
But when someone mentions you or when your name appears on my screen. 
I just freeze.
I freeze because all the feelings of sadness and frustration towards you comes at me like a train.
And I swear I almost forget to breathe at that moment. 
I feel a surge of anger rush through my veins because you are a liar.
You deceived me with all your sweet words that came out of those poisonous lips. 
And you moved on so quickly. 
But I know I moved on from you. 
Just not completely…

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